“Building on Our Lady’s Vision” Gift Packs

Gift Packs for 2017 Spring Sharathon “Building on Our Lady’s Vision

Gifts are cumulative– the more you give, the more you receive!


Gift 1:  For all donors giving in any amount

  • Complimentary membership in Mater Dei Radio’s Fullness of Truth Society.  

Each month, members of the Fullness of Truth Society receive access to an audio download of an exciting presentation from a leading Catholic speaker (email required to access). The featured talk for May is Father Donald Calloway, MIC with “The Virgin Mary: Model of True Femininity”.






  • “Say Yes to Our Lady” Booklet from The World Apostolate of Fatima USA 

At Fatima, Our Heavenly Mother identified the cause of the difficulties of today’s world as its rejection of God – in a single word, sin. She told us that the solution to our problems lay in the conversion of sinners, helping them to avoid the fate of eternal loss. Unless and until sufficient numbers of people return to God matters will only worsen. Souls will continue to be lost and wars and civil disturbance will continue. Our Heavenly Mother has assured us that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph.










Gift 2:  Pledge $120 and up ($10.00 per month)

  • Fr. Michael Schmitz “Beyond Belief: Following Christ Today” CD

Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles some of the most difficult topics in the Church today with humor, clarity, and theological truth. In this talk, he challenges us to not settle for mediocrity and to allow Christ to change our lives. Fr. Mike goes on to explain that once we are changed by the love of Jesus, then together we can change the world.











Gift 3:  Pledge $365 and up ($1.00 per day) 

  • Mater Dei Radio Thermal Mug

The Mater Dei Radio 16-ounce Fusion Tumbler features a double wall, stainless steel design with foam insulation, blue acrylic accent, and push-on lid. It’s excellent for both hot and cold beverages.











Gift 4:  Pledge $750 and up 

  • Our Lady of Fatima Holy Water Font 

Employing a unique bowl in the shape of a seashell, the ancient Christian symbol of Baptism, this elegant Our Lady of Fatima Holy Water Font is designed to call to mind each Christian’s rebirth through water and the Spirit. This gold-colored font is made from resin, with the beloved image of Our Lady of Fatima digitally printed onto a 4in x 6in wood plaque, inset in a 5.25inx 8.5in stonecast frame.










Gift 5:  Pledge $1,200 and up ($100.00 per month) 

  • Mater Dei Radio has lined up a pair of tickets for you to be a part of “Glory at The Grotto” with the Dynamic Deacon, Harold Burke-Sivers, and Catholic Apologist Hector Molina.  This exciting day includes Holy Mass in the Chapel of Mary, dynamic presentations, fine food, and a behind the scenes view of the National Shrine of Our Sorrowful Mother. It will be a special time of spiritual growth at The Grotto that you won’t forget.