Catholic Children’s Prayer Project

Thank you for your interest in joining Mater Dei Radio’s Catholic Children’s Prayers Project with Archbishop Alexander Sample and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. We are excited to help strengthen the vital relationship between our pastors and the students in their parish schools. Here are some helpful guidelines to easily get these prayer intentions on the air.

  • Please read this letter from Archbishop Alexander Sample explaining the project.
  • A suitable recording can be made with a variety of devices from professional equipment to a mobile phone or tablet. However, there are some keys to recording good audio, including:
    • A high-quality external microphone is preferred, but not necessary.
    • Locate the recording device in the immediate proximity of the pastor and students, but not so close that it distorts the audio. If your pastor is unavailable, a Catholic school administrator/principal may lead the prayer.
    • Make certain you have the proper recording level, and the audio is not distorted on the louder segments.
    • Eliminate a hollow sound or room echo by avoiding large, open spaces and using available items to warm the acoustics like curtains, thick fabrics, foam materials, room screens, or insulated tiles.
    • If you are recording a large group with your pastor, please contact Mater Dei Radio at and we may be able to provide on-site assistance.
    • MP3 audio files and MP4 video files are our preferred recording formats.
  • Media files can be uploaded to the “Catholic Schools Prayers” DropBox folder at You can easily drop the files into this folder from your screen.
  • Please notify us that you have uploaded this material by sending an email to Please include your contact information, as well as the names of the pastor and students who record the prayer. We want to give them proper recognition for their efforts.
  • Mater Dei Radio will notify you when the prayer is produced for broadcast on the air, online, and on our new Hail Mary Media app. Not only will our listeners be able to hear your prayers, but you will also be able to share these beautiful intentions directly with family and friends.
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Pat Ryan at 503-285-5200 or Thank you.


Prayers Grouped by Parish / School

These prayers can also be found under the “Pray” section of the free Hail Mary Media app.

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