The Power of Prayer

Tap into the incredible power of prayer with Mater Dei Radio and our daily broadcasts of the Celebration of the Holy Mass, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Sacred Mysteries of Christ and Our Lady in the Holy Rosary, and a variety of insightful, spiritual reflections.  With all of the present troubles in our world, prayer is the answer!

Do you have a more specific prayer request?  Why not share it with our powerful prayer team?  Just call our Prayer Hotline at (503) 285-3737 or complete the form below.  No need is too small or too large for Our Lord.

Has a loved one or someone you know passed away recently? Share their name with Mater Dei Radio so thousands can unite in prayer for the repose of their soul. The Prayers of the Faithfully Departed include the names of the recently deceased and airs each day following the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary.

To request a name, call our main office at (503) 285-5200 (leave a message if calling outside of business hours). Or complete the form below. Please include the phonetic spelling of the name so we pronounce their name correctly.

You can also request prayers for a special intention through the Pray section of the Hail Mary Media app.

Please note: these names are updated weekly. Each name remains on the list for approximately 30 days. Names can only be requested once during a calendar year.