World Youth Day Recap

Mater Dei Radio partnered with our former intern Bernadette Curl as she made her pilgrimage journey to Lisbon for World Youth Day. Check out these amazing updates that Bernadette shared with us as she traveled.


August 7, 2023: World Youth Day

See these final photos from Bernadette recapping the rest of World Youth Day!

Here’s a description of the photos from Bernadette:

Photo 1 – Mass on Friday with other pilgrims in the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation in Lisbon.
Photo 2 – Preparing for the World Youth Day opening ceremony with on Thursday, August 3, with Pope Francis. It was estimated there were 500,000 people in attendance!
Photo 3 – Sunset on the beach near where they stayed in Portugal.
Photo 4 – An opportunity to venerate relics of St. Therese of Lisieux on Friday.
Photo 5 – The crowd camping out on Saturday evening in preparation for Mass with Pope Francis the next day. It was estimated that 1.5 million people attended!
Photo 6 – Adoration during the campout vigil on Saturday night.
Photo 7 – Picture of Pope Francis (courtesy of Andrea Velazquez, also in the same group)! He took the time on Sunday to drive through the crowds before Mass!

Photo 8 – Saying goodbye to Fr. Peter Arteaga from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit after returning to Paris on Tuesday for their flight home. It was thanks to Fr. Peter that the group was able to go on this trip!

August 3, 2023: Fatima & the Start of World Youth Day

Bernadette sent us some photos of when her group got to see Pope Francis driving by at the start of World Youth Day! The pilgrims in her group from Oregon were also excited to run into Archbishop Sample!

On her way to Lisbon for World Youth Day, Bernadette Curl stopped in Fatima!

August 1, 2023: Madrid 

Yesterday Bernadette’s pilgrimage group left Spain, where they had met up with 100 other pilgrims from the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit parishes from Mexico, Spain, and Italy! Here are some photos from their time in Spain, with an audio update coming soon.
The group is now in Portugal, where young Catholics from all over the world are gathering as World Youth Day officially begins today! Please keep all the pilgrims in your prayers.
Here’s a description of the photos from Bernadette:
Photo 1: When we left Lourdes – I’m standing on top of a line which marks where St. Bernadette walked to the Grotto from her home!
Photo 2: Inside the gym where we stayed in Madrid.
Photo 3: Outside the Cathedral of St. Mary of Burgos in Burgos, Spain (we stopped there on our way to Madrid)
Photo 4: Inside the Cathedral of St. Mary of Burgo.
Photo 5: Trying paella in Madrid!
Photo 6: At a park in Madrid with the small group we toured the city with, made up of pilgrims from Spain and Mexico.
Photo 7: Our group outside of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Church in Madrid.
Photo 8: Mass in the crypt of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Church with all of the pilgrims.
Photo 9: A picture of a Cross that the priests gave each of the pilgrims.

July 26, 2023: Chartres and Lourdes

July 23, 2023: 1st Day in Paris

July 13, 2023: Introduction & Trip Overview

In this interview, Bernadette talks with Brenda as she prepares for the trip!