In Person

header-in-person Every weekday morning at 8 AM, Dina Marie Hale helps guide us in our journey of faith. With the help of local and national guest, In Person gives a voice to the wonderful work going on within the Universal Church today.  We encore these interviews at 8 pm each weekday.

This Week’s Guests

8/28/2017 Guest: Father Alliston Fernandez

Topic: The Institute for World Evangelisation – ICPE Mission

8/29/2017 Guest:  Judy Holtzinger & Lynda Bersani 

Topic:  Beginning Experience of Oregon

8/30/2017 Guest: Deacon Brian Diehm 

Topic: Office of the Diaconate

8/31/2017 Guest: Chris Bischoff, Monica Bochsler & Brian Bolduc
Topic: Mt Angel Oktoberfest
9/1/2017 Guest: Father Blazek SJ

Topic: September Pope Prayer Intentions

Next Week’s Guests

9/4/2017 Guest: Jerry Stewart – Labor Day Special

Topic: A Winning America


Guest:  María Ruiz Scaperlanda

Topic:  The first American-born martyr, Fr. Stanley Rother

9/6/2017 Guest: Father Jeff Eirvin

Topic: Vocations 

9/7/2017 Guest: Michael Augros
Topic: The Immortal in You
9/8/2017 Guest: Hannah Ballo

Topic: Franciscan University of Steubenville