Through Thick & Thin with Vivian Nguyen


Join host Vivian Nguyen for a 12-month journey to discover your truest identity and calling in the Lord! Created by and for young Vietnamese Catholics, “Through Thick & Thin” welcomes special guests to discuss the intersection of faith, life, and culture.





Episode 8

Happy Easter! In this episode, Vivian and Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi discuss what it means to fight and sacrifice for your faith, why we should let go of the things we can’t keep in order to gain so much more, and how to hear God speak our name.

Tune in on Friday, May 3, for our next episode!

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Episode 7

Fr. Randy Hoang returns in episode 7 to discuss the complicated topic of suffering in our lives. He and Vivian explore why God permits evil to happen, what we should do when we find ourselves angry at God, and how God ultimately wants to show us his love.


Episode 6

In a special episode leading up to Valentine’s Day, Vivian is joined by Annie and Daniel Ly. Hear their beautiful testimony about married life, how Daniel proposed with tacos, and how to understand what real love is.


Episode 5

As a new year begins, Vivian and Sr. Maria Kim-Ngân Bùi discuss what God’s peace is, how to be a peacemaker, and how to face difficult decisions.


Episode 4

In the month of December, Sr. Ngoc-Huyen Nguyen joins Vivian to talk about your spirit being the most attractive quality about you. They discusses how the Fruits of the Holy Spirit can help us in difficult moments, how to look in the right place for what brings true joy, and redefining the word “fun.”


Episode 3

In this third episode, Vivian speaks with Anthony Nguyen, a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Portland. They discuss what it means to push past your fears and have the courage to embrace the call that God has for you.


Episode 2

In this second episode, Sr. Maria Kieu Tran from the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon shares where we find our identity and self-worth from. Vivian and Sr. Maria discuss the impact of social media, the role that gratitude plays in our lives, and how to see ourselves the way God sees us.


Episode 1

In the very first episode of “Through Thick & Thin,” Vivian welcomes our guest, Fr. Randy Hoang, to discuss how to have conversations with your parents when there is a wall in the relationship. Join us in exploring what it truly important in life, how different generations can understand one another, and strategies for when there is a breakdown in communication.

Please note that this episode discusses issues of mental health and suicide.