A Bishop’s Call to Evangelize

Join Archbishop Alexander Sample and host Dina Marie Hale as they talk about the role of the Bishop in the mission of the New Evangelization. Archbishop Sample reflects upon insights he gained at a recent conference given by the Saint Paul Evangelization Society for Bishops and the key role they play in the mission of evangelization in the Church. 

Book mentioned in this program is: From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies from the University of St Mary For more information visit www.archdpdx.org,  http://www.spesinchrist.com/http://bookstore.umary.edu/MerchDetail?MerchID=1638495&num=0&start=9&end=12&type=1&CategoryName=Books&CatID=29630&Name=Books#.YYsLL3dFw2w