Milestone to Manhood: A Christian Rite of Passage

Dina Marie interviews Steven Arms co-author of the newly released book: Milestone to Manhood: A Christian Rite of Passage to Help Your 13-year-old Son Make the Leap from Boyhood to Manhood.  Steven and his father Deacon David Arms spent the last two years collaborating on their family tradition of providing a rite of passage birthday weekend for each 13-year old boy in their extended family.  The Rite of Passage weekend provides young men a unique opportunity to explore the gift of his Catholic faith and learn what it means to be a man from the most important men in his life.  The book outlines how to organize a Rite of Passage weekend and offers inspirational insights to raising boys into men in our society today.  Steven and his family are members of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Portland.  Learn more about the book at