The Glory of The Mass: Episode 12

The Glory of The Mass: Episode 12

34th Sunday in Ordinary Time

November 24th, 2019


Dignus est Agnus 597      Gregorian Chants

Palestrina, Jesu rex admirabilis   St. John XXIII Parish, Pittsburgh

Dominabitur 598               Marek Klein

Bourne, Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour  Manchester Cathedral Choir

Thaxted: Holst, Oh God beyond all praising           Herbster Family, North Carolina

Potestas eius 599              Marek Klein

Willan, O King all glorious             Elora Festival Singers, Ontario

Credo III               Stirps Iesse, English

Bruckner, Vexilla regis    Bergen Cathedral Choir, Bergen Symphony trombones

MacMillan, Christus vincit             Dmitri Ensemble, English from 2004

Vaughan Williams, Let All the World in Every Corner Sing               Halifax Choral Society, West Yorkshire